I'm obnoxiously in love with my beagle Frankie. I pimp that dog out like nobodies business. But how could I not, he's so stinkin' cute! Like most of the decisions I've trusted my beau on over the course of our relationship, adopting Frankie was just right, and probably our best decision to date. He's by no means perfect, but what he lacks in obedience, he makes up for in personality and good looks (a bit like myself!). Adopted from Orphans of the Storm, he absolutely fits us like a glove. 

Pet adoption is something I feel very strongly about. There are so many adorable and sweet animals that are in need of loving homes. I'm a big time dog girl, and love each and every one that I meet. However, I truly feel that adopted dogs are the very best! On a recent Forever 21 trip, I stumbled upon Forever 21's Charity Shop, and it's where I found this adorable "Adopt" sweatshirt shown below. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Forever 21's Charity Shop is currently featuring fashions supporting The Humane Society of the United States, Choose Haiti, FEED, and The Starlight Children's Foundation. What's better then looking fabulous and supporting a great cause? If you love to give, then check them out here!

{Sweatshirt~ Forever 21, Sweatpants~ Juicy Couture}

*If you're in the market for a new bestie, check out; an endless online database of pets. You can search by region, breed, size, temperament, etc. It's a wonderful resource that you most definitely should see.


  1. That t-shirt is adorable! We have a kitten at the moment and he is winning me round but I'll always, ALWAYS be a dog person!